Hi everyone! I’ve been writing for years. Seriously. I probably have 4-5 manuscripts that are complete and will never see the light of day without some heavy re-writes. Earlier this year, I decided I’d put together something I was proud of and send my baby into the world. I figured it would be easy. I’ve cranked out 120K word manuscripts in two months before. Yeah, I was completely wrong! This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I imagine when I was writing before, I wrote fast because I didn’t feel any pressure. No one would ever read those ‘books’ but me. Knowing I’ll be publishing is a completely different ball game. I’m so dang slow so I hope all of my friends and potential readers will be patient with me. I’m committed to delivering the best book I can! I’ll keep everyone updated and as soon as I get my book listed on Goodreads and figure out this dang website, I’ll be hosting my cover reveal.